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Pedal Farm Tractor Trailer

NOW ONLY R1 600.00

LifeStyle™ Grand Walk-In Kitchen

NOW ONLY R6 950.00

Mercedes SL (6v)

NOW ONLY R5 533.50
WAS R6 842.50
You Save:  R1 309.00!!!

Standard Playhouse

NOW ONLY R2 151.77
WAS R2 390.85
You Save:  R 239.09

See Saw Boat

NOW ONLY R378.71
WAS R420.79
You Save:  R 42.08

Panda Climber

NOW ONLY R3 300.00

Kids Playgym

NOW ONLY R2 096.43
WAS R2 329.37
You Save:  R 232.94

Play Up Picnic Cottage

NOW ONLY R6 000.00

Porsche Cayenne Turbo (6v)

NOW ONLY R5 674.86
WAS R7 017.30
You Save:  R1 342.44!!!

Up & Down Roller Coaster

NOW ONLY R4 000.00